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I think I am becoming more confident each year in the Kids on Broadway program. I have learned a lot about having a professional attitude, developing a character and always being focused on stage.
N.O., Age 12


I used to feel quite shy but the Kids on Broadway program has given me confidence meeting new people and has helped me to socialize more easily.
J.G. Age 11


I like the Kids on Broadway experience because it is more serious and demanding than other programs, so I have really been able to develop as a performer.
B.S. Age 12


This program is very organized with everyone getting a part in our musical. We learn how to trust each
other and work as a team.
S.R. Age 11Actors playing Sandy and Danny



My child's teacher was amazed with the stage presence and confidence displayed in the classroom during oral presentations after participating in your program!
M.K. - parent


Thank you so much for your high standards, your dedication to doing a job well, your attention to detail, your unquenchable enthusiasm, your love of children, your boundless energy, your creativity, your excellent teaching skills, your belief in discipline, your talent in vocal music and your extensive knowledge of musical theatre.
A.D. - parent


My child had a wonderful experience and the memories will always be treasured. Your dedication is very special and we appreciate so much, the training, the experience and the fun!
S.H. - parent

Conrad Birdie

Over the past few years we have placed our son in many different afterschool programs, such as piano, vocal, dance, soccer etc. Each time, our son usually enjoyed the first month of the program but then gradually started losing his enthusiasm and finally he was asking: "do I have to go there today?"

We always loved watching our child on the stage, but somehow watching the final performance each time I felt that my son was not learning very much. Each time, I faced the painful fact that we were paying mostly for expensive afterschool babysitting. I was lucky to share my disappointment with one of my friends, who told me to contact Diane, the founder of Kids on Broadway. I think everybody who joins this program can notice the difference right the way. On top of the fact that classes are organized so that each child works during every minute of it, I have noticed the changes in my son?s behavior. His posture and confidence in talking with adults improved a lot after just three of four weeks of being in the program. Not only have I watched my son grow in many ways as a performer, singer, and dancer but also as a mature human being responsible for his commitment. This is what he wrote by himself in the email to his friends: "We have spent many hours to master all of our musical numbers , memorized many lines, learned how to use stage space, speak with proper enunciation and most importantly to be responsible, and realize that the quality of the show depends on every performer's hard work."

There are no words to describe my admiration for the end of the year final performance. I am still quit shocked and surprised that young children were able to perform in such a professional way. I just cannot wait for this year's show.
Anna Machudera - Parent

Rock and Roll Reverie

My eldest daughter took part in the Kids On Broadway program for three years and her 9 year old sister is now in her second year. The lessons they have learned have been invaluable. Aside from the singing, dancing and acting they have gained so much confidence and poise, especially my second daughter who was extremely shy before joining KOB. Her family and friends couldn't believe the transformation after seeing her on stage last year. I can't say enough about how rewarding and motivating it is for the KOB kids to perform in front of a sold out live audience at their year end musical production. It is an amazing experience that they will never forget.
Ola Lishchyna - Parent


Kids On Broadway has given my stepdaughter confidence, poise, stamina and work ethics. My stepdaughter has tried many extracurricular activities since she was 3. From soccer to gymnastics to trampolining, none of which she was passionate about, until she found musical theatre with Kids On Broadway. At her audition with Diane, Olivia plainly told her that "I don't do dance. I DON'T dance." Well, four years later, not only is she dancing, but she is acting and singing as well. She now has performed in front of more than 1500 audience members and public speaking is a way of life for her. She has since placed first in speech competitions, singing competitions but most of all, she is able to walk into a room full of strangers with a confident smile because that is how she feels about herself. With the issues of bullying so apparent in our schools, having confidence is so important and with Kids On Broadway, Olivia has found herself. She is now enrolled in a highschool which has a musical theatre specialist high skills major program and is looking forward to continuing her passion with the Stratford Festival next year. We watched her grow, we watched her blossom. Thank you Diane, you have truly changed her life.
Wendy Fava - Parent
Young Actor


Audience Members

It was an extremely enjoyable evening at the theatre. I was amazed to see such an energetic, professional performance from children!